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Name:Ainsley Garrett Ashwood
Birthdate:Nov 1
Ainsley Garrett Ashwood is the younger child and only son of Garrett and Louella Ashwood, and the baby brother of Angela Ashwood. He was born several years after Ange, when his parents had all but given up hope of a very wanted second child. They adored being parents to Ange, and wanted nothing more than to give her a brother or sister, but they struggled to conceive. It was years later when they were finally able to, and Ainsley came along, a surprise, and fondly referred to as a miracle.

Coming from a long line of cops, including his big sister, Ainsley wants to follow in their footsteps, becoming a cop himself. When his dad became the Police Captain in Poughkeepsie, Ainsley moved with them, but when he was old enough for high school, he asked to be able to move in with his sister in their childhood home. It took some convincing for his parents, but he ended up talking them into it, and he moved in with Angela. For the most part, Ainsley's pretty self-sufficient. Both he and Ange were raised to be that way. But Ange is there if he needs anything, and he loves having his big sister close whenever he wants to talk to her.

Ainsley came out pretty much as soon as he was old enough to have crushes. His first ever crush was his 3rd grade gym teacher, and it was pretty much open from there. He was 100% gay, and not ashamed of it. He's dated guys since starting his high school career, and at 16, he's not a virgin, but he's never had a committed relationship. He's okay with that. If he ever makes the decision to commit to someone as his boyfriend, he intends for it to be someone special. It's a trait he shares with Ange, both of them having been raised to respect themselves and have high standards in relationships. That doesn't mean Ainsley doesn't still like sex and have fun. He does. But he only does so with people he's comfortable with, and dating would require a much deeper connection for him. In the meantime, he's content to enjoy time with friends, and is a friendly guy who loves meeting new people.
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